Friday, 1 November 2013

Halloween at Shepreth Wildlife Park

Cheshire Cat Nails

Nails inspired by Disneys cartoon Cheshire cat (terrible one handed photo with the new tablet!!) For Alice in Wonderland fancy dress. Little, Middle and Index finger painted lilac with purple painted in wiggly line made from dotting with a paintbrush. Ring Finger purple flock on lilac. Thumb lilac, with white dots from a dotting tool for teeth and eyes, same size dot of pinj for nose, small black dots for pupils and thin black eyebrows.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Acer Iconica A1 Tablet review

When looking for a tablet I was looking for something portable but not too small and not too expensive. I wanted a good quality one so I would be able to do the things I need to but not to pay through the nose just for a brand. before going for this tablet I looked at the new TESCO hudl which is amazing tablet for the price it is-roughly £119 when I checked (it has a big memory, a quad core, different colours easy to use). A big benefit is that as it is TESCO you can currently use club card vouchers to make it even cheaper. However it is only 7", which is great for portability however as I have to use glasses for computer work is slightly too small for me. Commonly tablets come in 7" or 10". However there is an 8" selection of various models, such as the beautiful Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8" which has a big screen, Dolby video software, large ram and good memory however also comes with a hefty price tag (roughly between £230 and £280 depending on where you look). Although this sounded and looked brilliant I didn't feel it was quite worth the money!! Its features were great but it seemed it was the newness and Samsung's brand that was the real reason behind the price-as well as this all 8" tablets are accompanied by a big price tag compared to the same or similar model in a smaller size. Therefore when when researching into 8"ers I was delighted to find the Acer Iconica A1 that is 7.9"! Meaning it doesnt have the price tag, at just £159ish, but it does have a nice large screen (whilst still being portable) and in fact is slightly more square (so neither landscape or portrait biased) than some 8"tablets so possibly bigger. For more information on its amazing features have a look at...

Packing for a long haul holiday!

Today is packing day!! In less then a week I will be off for a month long trip to New Zealand, including stopovers in Hong Kong and L.A. I'm not the best on planes so as a distraction  mum got me this great Acer Iconica A1 Tablet (review to follow) so what better time to get back my long ignored blog??! Especially as Acer tablets have a great life picture feature which can be used to record the everyday things and shared via email, Facebook and blogged. Below is an example of how this can look with a selection of info on my packing. The suitcases are new too so Ill post a review of those as I go! Have lots of activities and different climates to cover over the next month as well as four 10hr flights so needed to accommodate all this without packing too much, something I'm famous for!!!

Monday, 22 August 2011


A little while I was going through a some what low ebb (not helped by the stress of bday outfits! ;)) however I searched through our own personal library, otherwise known as what was the spare room!, I found by Fiona Harrold and by Paul McKenna. Books I had bought a earlier times to read but had never got round to, and I wish I had! I read Fiona Harrold's in one day and then Paul McKenna's over the next seven consecutive days. They are both such great reads and I feel like they have actually changed my outlook.
Harrold's book focuses on self belief, of which confidence is a factor, full of encouragement, activities to change your beliefs and very inspiring stories! McKenna's is much broader and more about changing your life as a whole however that of course adds to confidence! So two very recommended reads there! :)

Friday, 19 August 2011


Also I have had several weeks with my lovely new Crocs and I think that once mum gets the money back for her Crocs, which unfortunately were too small (I think Crocs are quite fitting as I'm an 8.5 however my 9s fit perfectly!) probably due to the style, and she orders her second pair (you cant exchange) I am going to buy a second pair! One for outside, one for in! ;) haha!


I had a lovely birthday yesterday, full of food-going out for a lovely lunch at , a Greek salad for tea (although with the new Tesco salads range has a very disgusting and off putting 'summer' bag-gritty bits in lettuce! not good!) and a yummy homemade cake with coffee sponge, coffee butter cream in the middle and just to mix it up Betty Crocker chocolate fudge on top xD haha!
Also lots of lovely presents from mum-several DVDs, some Eco brushes, eyeliner, hair grips and lots of books including Qi books, Gok Wan through thick and thin, Eat, Pray, Love, dress up your cupcakes and several other craft books, a massive set of novels inc. some novels on Cupcakes! ;) Expect lots of reviews coming soon as well, as some catch up posts and pictures! :)

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Why I should be in the front row at the Look show at Westfield Stratford City!!! :)

While reading my lovely Look magazine the other day I came across a competition that was right up my street, especially as a newly addicted blogger! ;) Look magazine is giving five, extremely lucky, readers to blog from the front row of their A/W11 show (which indecently is being held in the new Westfield shopping centre near the Olympic park!)!
This show really epitomises my love of fashion as it shows trends on different sized models, with different body shapes and takes on the trend in a more wearable style than many of the couture fashion shows. Plus all clothes are high street therefore affordable!!! Yay to that! ;) I'm a complete shopping addict with four wardrobes bursting to breaking point however I know the second I see the A/W11 trends in Look I wont be able to resist a few more essentials! (especially now the oppressiveness of school uniforms are over!! haha! ;P)
I really enjoy looking at the fashion trends however my own focus is on style and what suits my body shape. I'm interested in becoming a image consultant and always love helping friends and family pick out key pieces for their body shape, plus I love the way everyone always comes to me for fashion advice and a trend report! haha XD I think that Look magazines really encapsulates that mentality and isn't just another magazine encouraging stick thin models, throw away fashion and unaffordable buys! This is one of the many reasons I'm so excited about this particular show!
I also really enjoying looking at the trends to see what make-up, hair and nails compliment them. I have recently trained as a make-up artist fuelled by my love of fashion so its really interesting seeing how make-up transcends from the catwalk (and films and media), to celebrities, to the everyday etc. Make-up can be so free and creative, fuelled by the slightest bit of inspiration. I also try to work out what trends will be in for the next season as this will help me in the future with my career! haha- and I haven't been too bad with my guesses so far (bet I've jinxed it now! haha)!! ;) The fact that I'm a trained make-up artist could give me a different viewpoint to the interpretation of the show then some of the other bloggers' perhaps.
In the future I want to develop these make-up skills and follow a creative career path; next year I have a place to study for a degree in fashion promotion with media.

Friday, 12 August 2011

"high street fashions direct from the factory"

This is the link to the local store where I bought my gorgeous birthday day dress from (...well Mum payed! Thank you btw :)), its well worth a visit if your local and have never been before esp atm as all the lovely dress are on saaaalllleeee! :D (one of my favourite words along with 'try it', 'buy one get one free' and '50% off!' ;) haha). Their online shop has a range but does nothing compared to the actual range available in store. The one thing is to get the timings right, as its closed on Mondays and Sundays I think, and not miss the turning! Or as we have done ever since we read about it at least a year ago (!) drive down the wrong road wondering where it is and whether you've gone mad!!
They don't have a picture of the dress I bought so I will post it later, possibly once I'm back from Royston-shopping again! whats a girl to do?!
Here's a link to their fb page in the mean time...!/group.php?gid=106038559899 ... I love that green dress on the right <3

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Faaaashion! XD

Majorly excited for LFW A/W11 :) however in the mean time while looking for a dress for my birthday over the last two days I have been enjoying all the lovely sales. Went to tk maxx yesterday and got a lovely dress for £12 from £35 which isnt too.bad! ;) however it will need some slight adjustments and it may be slightly to 'summer do' rather than still not sure what Im going to wear! I also hit the lovely evans/dp/boots (source shower gel for a £1 wooop ;) haha) on the cambridge retail park! And I visited a.local shop in meldreth for the first time selling 'high street clothes at factory prices' and got a amazing dress which I will wear on my bday day me thinks :D. Im a total convert to the shop and will be back!! Haha! Links and pics to follow...